Cyber Crime

Cyber ​​crime is a type of crime in which hackers cause harm to people with the help of internet, computer and other technology. Cybercrime includes a variety of crimes such as hacking, online fraud, theft of identity and data, malware distribution, cyberbullying and many more. Nowadays people are using internet excessively. due to this and fast technology, cyber crime has increased. Today crores of people are committing this crime. People use many technical methods to commit this crime. Even cyber criminals are being cheated in the name of kbc lottery. The Government has made many arrangements for cyber security to prevent cyber crime. Cyber crime is a big threat to people.

Types of cyber crimes:

Cyber crime has many tyes in which people do crimes with various ways and harm people financially. Following are the types of cyber crimes.

Hacking and Unauthorized access:

With the help of hacking, cybercriminals gain access to people’s computer systems and copy important information and data and destroy their systems, then criminals blackmail them and extorts money from them.

Phishing and identity theft Cyber crime:

In this, the cybercriminals collect personal information of the people like their ID card number or credit card details and commits fraud with them and steals their money and causes severe loss to them. So criminals greed people through messages or calls with fake prize bonds etc. and obtain their credit card details.

Ransomware Attacks:

In this attack, people’s those software or data is copied which threatens their business or computer system and demands ransom for its release. This accident is happening with more and more to businessmen. This crime has broken the backs of victims financially.

Online Fraud:

Cybercriminals engage in various forms of online fraud. Today people order everything online. People order something and get something. Sometimes there is nothing come, they ask for money from you and then switches off their number. This type of fraud is happening to most of people.

Cyberbullying and Harassment:

Now the internet is being used to intimidate, bullying, and  misbehave with people. Criminals mostly target people through social media apps, emails and other online channels and then cybercriminals blackmail people and scaring them.

Cyber crime and security:

Cyber Crime and security

Cyber crime: Cyber ​​crime is a very bad thing that happens on the internet. ​​criminals steal people’s important data and information. People would have been harmed. Due to their money’s stolen and Victims are mentally and financially disturbed. they targeting people on such channels like social media where people are more engaged.  cyber criminals harm people just for money. Cybercrime linked to corruption involves using computers and the internet to commit dishonest or illegal acts, often for personal gain or unfair advantages.

Cyber security: Cyber ​​security is like a hero who protects us from cyber crimes. It protects our data, information and software. Cyber ​​security keeps the entire digital era safe. It uses such tools that keep people’s data and information safe. They would not have become a victim of cyber crime. Cyber ​​security is like a security guard, the people who hire it, their data remains safe, no one can steal their data or anything. Today more and more people want to do cyber security jobs.

Cyber crime complaint:

If you are a victim of cyber crime and want to report it, you can write like this complaint.

I am writing the report of cyber crime which happened to me. Today I got a call from some unknown number, he says that that I am calling from bank, we are deleting your account, if you want that your account is not deleted then follow the steps given by us on your mobile. He took my ID number and my accounts details in which he also wrote down my pin code. Like when he took my accounts details so he disconnected the call saying now your account is safe. Just a few minutes later I got a message from the bank’s  that your account has been completely blank and all the cash has been transferred to some unknown number. I went to the bank and narrated the entire incident of the call. They told me that you did not receive any call from our bank and that a cyber crime has happened to you. I was surprised and worried as to whether what happened with me.

I am reporting this so that such cyber crime does not happened to others. Please help me and investigate this cyber crime.

Hacking Cyber Crime:

Hacking Cyber Crime

Hacking is a type of cyber crime. It is very common in this era. It’s also very dangerous. It is like that someone is open the lock of your house without your permission and steal everything of your house. Like this same hackers open your computer system without your permission and steal your personal data and information about you like your password and bank details. Hacking is very serious problem. It is important to keep digital locked on your computer like cyber security. If cyber criminal tries to hack your computer system, criminal will fail in his attempt because there is a cyber security on your computer. So stay safe at your home.

Cyber Crime in E-commerce:

Cyber Crime in E-commerce

E-commerce is also type of cybercrime. In this crime cyber criminals set up the fake E- commerce account and store. Sometimes these criminals take your account details and then hack your account and steal all money from your account and sometimes victims order something they take money first but they do not give them order. So please stay safe at home. You should do online shopping but only on trusted websites. Make sure when you buy something online on any website, you must look that this website starts with “https//”, because those websites who started with “https//” they are trusted and secure website.

Latest and National Cyber Crime:

Cyber crime is a very big problem of our country and whole world. Now the latest and national cyber crime in whole world is this, cyber criminals hack computers of victims and steal personal information like victim’s important data password and credit card details. Then the criminals blackmail and get heavy money from them. This incident has happened with many people. You should keep cyber security on your computer. By cyber security none can  hack your computer. So be alert and stay safe at your home.

Cyber Crime List:

Cyber Crime list

Cyber crime is a very huge problem in whole world that happen with many people. The cyber criminals are very merciless. they don’t see that who is rich or who is poor they just robs  whether if someone loses their life’s savings. We are providing you cyber crime list. If anyone do with you this such cyber crime then be alert.

  • Hacking
  • Phishing
  • Ransomware
  • Identity Theft
  • Online Scams
  • Credit Card Fraud
  • Cyberbullying
  • Data Breaches
  • Child Exploitation
  • Malware
  • Denial of Service (DoS) Attacks
  • Social Engineering
  • Online Extortion
  • Online Piracy
  • Cyber Espionage

Cyber Crime Helpline Number:

If you have any problem on the internet. Someone is teasing you. You are facing some issues like hacking, online scams, cyberbullying, then you should call for help on specific number. This number is called cybercrime helpline number. just like you call on emergency number 911, same  you can call on helpline number. When you call on cybercrime helpline number, the experts of cyber security will find the criminal. This way you can stay safe even in the digital world. So don’t hesitate and if you need any help then call on helpline number. Stay safe and Happy.

The Cybercrime Helpline Numbers are:

Contact on 051-9106384, 051-9106690, 051-9106691, 1991

You can E-mail on (

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